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Repointing – the age-old problem

The basic problem with repointing is that very few people actually enjoy doing it.

The basic problem with repointing is that very few people actually enjoy doing it. It is so slow and messy that there is very little pleasure or profit – in it. So the natural temptation for the person doing it is to try to find ways of doing it more quickly. Such as not taking out enough of the old mortar. Or causing havoc with the dust from raking it out. Or rushing the pointing and leaving an untidy finish. Which means that, without close supervision, the person paying for the work is never really sure of its quality, or has to spend time sorting out the chaos caused by the way the work is done.
All too often what should have been a simple job turns into a series of problems for all concerned.

Gun-Point – The quality repointing service – At Gun-point our approach is totally different.We are not caught in this vicious cycle of boredom, inefficiency and skimping. Instead we have developed a unique range of power tools to ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar. Then we put the new mortar back into the joint with our mortar pump and gun.All our teams are trained to use this equipment accurately and carefully and repointing is their major activity. We cater for brick, rubble stone and ashlar properties as well as tunnels, kerbstones and paving. We specialise in deep pointing and overhead working and the raking and repointing of hard old cement-based mortars.And our experience in solving both the technical and operational problems of repointing is second-to-none.
The Gun-Point Mortar Pump and Gun – Powered Mortar InjectionAt the heart of our service is the patented Gun-point mortar pump and gun. This low pressure high volume machine is light enough to go up scaffolding and small enough to go down tunnels. its powerful electric motor can pump any standard mortar mix. As well as traditional lime mortars, the gun-point machine accommodates all types and grades of gauged, masonry and cement mortars. we like to use local sands that match the colour and character of the original finish, but any colourants and other admixtures may be added to the mix as required. 

Raking – The key to a good ‘key’ Everyone knows that the most critical part of repointing is to remove enough of the old mortar. But it is tiring, dirty and few do it properly.
No-one else has our range of raking tools. Unless repointing was a full time activity they would be too expensive.At Gun-point we see them as vitally important. Our basic tools have integrated dust guards with adjustable plates that once set will ensure an even depth of rake.The guard are linked to our own specially-design dust extraction units which save the property and the operative from the mess and inconvenience usually associated with raking out. There is thus little disturbance to residents and other workers on-site.And because our teams are all full-time, they know how to use these tools with the minimum possible damage to the face. We aim to follow the recommendations of the British Standard 8221 (that is normally a rake 50% deeper than the width of the joint) – but any depth can be specified and – more importantly, maintained.
At Gun-Point we offer a full range of mortar colours and finishes to suit the requirements of the project and complement the aesthetics of the original construction materials.