Wall Waterproofing

Damp does not only enter a property through its mortar joints. It can also soak in through porous building materials.

Various treatments are now available which prevent rain from penetrating through brick or stone. Once applied the water repellent barrier still allows the surface to ‘breathe’ and thus does not trap water in the wall.

Because damp materials conduct heat more quickly, these treatments improve heat insulation by keeping the building drier. They also reduce the chance of spalling (due to frost attack) and efflorescence, additionally protects the property from both acid rain and atmospheric grime so newly cleaned and repointed buildings stay cleaner longer. The benefits of these treatments usually far outweigh the extra cost involved and protects the new pointing for a further 25 years.
All Gun-point teams are fully equipped and trained in the application of these waterproofs and can advise on both the correct materials and methods.

25 Year Weatherproofing

Just a single coat of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream protects walls for 25 years.

  •  Resists rain penetration on external walls

  •  Works on brick, stone, mortar & masonry

  •  Apply using brush, roller or sprayer

Colourless Protection

Once fully cured, Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream does not change the appearance of your wall.

  Visible during application – see where you’ve been

  Soaks in to masonry over 24 to 48 hours

  Returns to original appearance with no texture of colour change.

Better Value than Liquid Weatherproofers

Over its full lifetime, a coating of Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream provides reliable protection.

•  Clean no-drip cream application

  Lower application and maintenance costs over 25 years

  Bridges cracks that liquid weatherproofers do not