Wall Waterproofing
Damp does not only enter a property through its mortar joints. It can also soak in through porous building materials.

Various treatments are now available which prevent rain from penetrating through brick or stone. One applied the water repellent barrier still allows the surface to 'breathe' and thus does not trap water in the wall. These are based on silicone or aluminium strearate and, being colourless and transparent, do not change the look of the property.

Because damp materials conduct heat more quickly, these threatments improve heat insulation by keeping the building drier. They also reduce the chance of spalling (due to frost attack) and efflorescence. An protect the property from both acid rain and atmospheric grime -so newly cleaned and repointed buildings stay cleaner longer.
The benefits of these treatments far usually far outweigh the small extra cost involved.

All Gun-point teams are fully equipped and trained in the application of these waterproofs and can advise on both the correct materials and methods.
Graffiti Protection
Building are under attack from more than just the elements. Vandals with paint sprays oftem seem unable to resiste a newly cleaned and repointed wall.
The old answer was continual, painstaking - and expensive- cleaning.

There is a wide range of products available but all basically change a porous material (such as brick or stone) into a non-porous one. So any graffiti is far easier to remove completely.
Some treatments are virtually invisible while others leave a gloss or coloured finish. Many are 'breathable' so do not trap damp.

A british product Shield even contains chemicals which attack the graffiti on contact to delay it drying. Some are solvent-based while others are non-toxic and can be applied without hazard to the public.

Gun-point provide a total graffiti removal and protection service and can advise on which is the best to use in each situation.

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