Brickwork and Stone Cleaning
In addition to repointing we also offer a versatile and efficient cleaning service which is ideal for all brick, tiles, concreate and most stone structures.
it is based on a variable pressure cold water jet with sand added. Whilst it is ideal for cleaning off all surface grime and growths, it is particularly good at removing graffiti, mortar stains and ingrained dirt deposits. These not only spoil the look of a building, but also can cause advanced decay.

Unmatched Sensitivity
The system can be fine tuned to remove unwanted deposits completely without damage to the structure. The water pressure may be varied from as little as 128p.s.i to a high 2400 p.s.i and the proporsion of the sand can be up to 30% of the volume of the water. Additionally the types of sand can vary from fine rounded aggregates for gentle abrasion to sharp large particle sands for more rigorous action.
Gun-Point have the experience to select just the right combination of sand types, proporsions and water pressure.
No Damage - No Dust
Unlike dry grit blasting, the abrasive action is obtained by sand particles suspended in a stream of water.
The water cushions the impact of the sand and automatically flushes away both dirt and abrasive. There is no health hazard from dust and there is thus no need to take elaborate and expensive precautions normally necessary in public places.
Unlike chemical cleaning, there is no immediate risk from using the materials and there is no chance of residues being left in the structure which might cause long-term damage or discolouration.

Compact and Efficient
The cleaning unit itself is a compact design whose only site requirement is access to a water tap. The efficiency of the system means that our cleaning prices are always competitive - especially when taken in conjunction with our repointing.

Here our normal sequence of work is first to rake the area, then to clean it and finally to repoint with the Gun-Point mortar pump and gun.

The results of some of our recent major contracts are illustrated here.

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